the Humpback Whale


A whale of a tale about autistic humpback whale, Humphrey, and his new best friend, Perry the Pelican.

Sample text:

Humphrey loved to travel, to see the world.

He made friends so easily.


And those who met Humphrey loved him, too,

For his whale-sized sincerity.

Welcome a new children’s book to your shelves, one open to this diverse world we live in. What a wonderful way to teach about others! Through the beautiful painted waterscapes of Humphrey’s imagination as he does art, writes poetry and is a talented thinker, but he also finds himself sometimes getting overwhelmed by his senses and needing a quiet space to call his own.

Humphrey discovers friendship throughout his ocean home. His friends notice something special about Humphrey. He doesn’t think like the other whales. Good for all children to learn about friends with autism spectrum disorder. Humphrey is sure to be a delightful friend to any child and a whale of a friend they can easily relate to. Join Humphrey and his friend, Perry the Pelican, on this exciting new adventure in the deep, deep blue.

Co-authored by Jules Groulx, son of Kristin Carter-Groulx,

Illustrated by the talented painter, Biljana Banchotova (,


Edited by Eric D. Goodman, author of Flightless Goose

Children's Book, 34 pp (16 watercolour and acrylic image plates)

ISBN: 9780988086159

Publication date release: June 21~23, 2020

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