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book seven of 'the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell' YA series

Alyson's Diary & The Book of the Sacred Seven Sisters

Behind hidden walls and hidden hands
are thoughts unseen and magic bands
the guided mind into the sea
of seven sisters sacred thee
times seven they number but walk as one
guardians of good, thy will is done


Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a time-traveling teenage witch? A book can be a portal, into another world different from our own. It can offer clues to our own destiny. Such is the diary of Alyson Bell, as drawn up by her eldest guide, Abigail. See sketches of Alyson's house, through her own eyes. Witness new spells in the making as our teenage heroine fills in the many pages of her ancestral spellbook, the Book of the Sacred Seven Sisters.


Book seven~

The long awaited diary of Alyson Bell, kept hidden in the attic, the secret room and only visible with eyes attuned to the secrets of the Sacred Seven Sisters. Dare to open the book and peek inside. Complete spellbook, pictograms, riddles and mysteries, character sketches and a special map of Alyson's house drawn by author Kristin Groulx herself.


What makes this book special is that it is based off a real book the artist has pieced together, sketched and drawn by hand many of the pages and scanned them to bring this compendium alive.


Join Alyson Bell in Alyson's Diary, the seventh in the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell series, and a special stand-alone Hardcover book to be used as a companion to the series. It is told from the perspective of teenager Alyson Bell, her guides and sisters, and the author herself.


This book is part of a YA series beginning with The Ghost of Colby Drive, The Curse of the Moonless Knight, The Oracle of the Missing Dryad, The Door of the Thousand Keys, The Crystal Goddess and the Wish Keeper, and The Secret Promise. It is recommended these previous books be a part of your collection prior to enjoying book seven, as Alyson's Diary is the complete book of spoilers!  A compendium for any Alyson Bell fan!


Release date:  Coming Fall 2021

Paperback, 250 pages

Publish date tentative for Fall 2021 by Tenth Muse Books

ISBN: 9780981131 (ISBN13: 9780981131573)

Edition Language: English

Series: The Mis-Adventures of Alyson Bell #7

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