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book three of 'the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell' YA series

The Oracle of the Missing Dryad

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The mis-adventures of Alyson Bell ~ Book 3: The Oracle of the Missing Dryad


Keeping in succession with the turning of the wheel of the year ~

Keywords for this book: Yule, Christmas, Birth, Emergence of self, stepping forward and leaving the past behind, hidden gifts, acceptance, finding peace, soul travel (synopsis to follow)


Book three~

Winter has cast an eerie stillness over the town of Hollow Creek, as school parts for the Holidays. The trees, stripped bare of their fallen leaves, reveal their souls within as the wood begins to speak and tell a tale of gigantic proportions. Sometimes the pages just write themselves… as though, the spirit of the wood still lives between the text, dancing between pages and weaving magic. Alyson Bell meets a tree dryad who helps her on her latest adventure – that is, until the book she’s hiding in gets stolen. It’s up to Alyson to travel through time to find her! She holds the key that unlocks both the past and the future, and her prophecy is revealed.


Join Alyson Bell in The Oracle of the Missing Dryad, the third in the mis-adventures of Alyson Bell series. It is told from the perspective of teenager Alyson Bell. This young adult paranormal romance novel is approximately 75,000 words. Readers who enjoy authors V.C. Andrews, Marissa Meyer, and older readers of J.K. Rowling will certainly take interest in this hauntingly, adventurous novel. This novel may be considered cross genre as it delves into the great world of the Wild Wild West and Science Fiction.


It is targeted for girls aged 13-18, but appropriate for anyone 13+, as this novel delves into some deeper teen issues and is not appropriate for a younger audience. The book is not stand alone and is part of a series beginning with The Ghost of Colby Drive and The Curse of the Moonless Knight. It is recommended these previous books be a part of your collection prior to enjoying book three.


Release date: 9/9/09

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The Oracle of the Missing Dryad (3)

The Oracle of the Missing Dryad (book three)

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