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The Tenth Muse Books is proud to present:

Moxie Moose Finds A Tail


A tale of a tail and a determined moose named Moxie to find one!

A friend of mine, Jennifer Dale Semach, has written a story dedicated to the children of Walkabout Farm Therapeutic Riding Association (, where she is founder and executive director.  Jennifer is passionate about the equine assisted programs she has developed for people with disabilities, mental health support and one program in particular: the “Reading Buddies” program for children and adults like herself who have difficulties with literacy, dyslexia or anxiety.  She hopes her friends enjoy the silliness of this book and understand the underlying message of resiliency in the face of hardships.  


A humourous children's book is coming to shelves near you.  A colourful, read-along tale about a tail.  Beautifully illustrated by the talented artist, Biljana Banchotova, who also illustrated the book, Humphrey the Humpback Whale by Kristin Carter-Groulx. 


Moxie is a moose who is determined to find a tail which suits him better, as moose have very short tails - not useful for swatting insects such as a pesky fly.  Moxie goes on a quest throughout the woods and town to a place where he once met a beautiful horse.  It is through this friendship Moxie finally finds a tail and gets rid of that pesky fly once and for all.

Illustrated by the visionary artist, Biljana Banchotova (

Publication date release: March 20, 2021

Written by Jennifer Dale Semach

Illustrated by the talented painter, Biljana Banchotova (

Hardcover, 38 pages (16 acrylic image plates)

Publish Date March 20, 2021 by Tenth Muse Books

Original Title: Moxie Moose Finds A Tail

ISBN13: 9780988086180

Edition Language: English

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